Getein participated in MEDICA 2018

/Dec 2018

2018 Medica, world medical fair was held from Nov. 12th to 15th in Dusseldorf, Germany. As a regular exhibitor, this time GP exhibited two series of products.

First one is for POC diagnostics. As one of the leading suppliers of POC diagnostics, GP showed portable & smart semi-auto quantitative immunoassay analyzer, as well as fully automatic quantitative immunoassay analyzer, which met the different needs from different customer.

Getein1100 Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer is the representative of semi-auto quantitative immunoassay analyzer. It can do various tests, including cardiac markers, infection tests, diabetes tests, etc. While Getein1600 and Getein3200 are the representatives of fully automatic quantitative immunoassay analyzer. And Getein3200 is an analyzer with a combination of immunofluorescence and dry-chemistry. It can test more parameters in a more convenient & simple way.

The second one is our chemiluminescence analyzer. Same Chemiluminescence, Better Quality. GP presented its 1st analyzer Magicl6800. Magicl6800 can reach 240 test per hour, which is much better than most analyzers in the market.

Both POC and chemiluminescence analyzer Magicl6800 has drew lots of attention and won great praise from our visitors.

Every year at Medica, GP brings visitors different feelings, which are difference and innovation. In 2019, GP will have more fruits, waiting for you!

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