Getein in India --Medica Fair India 2018 & Getein1600 Fully-Automated POCT Seminar

/Aug 2018

During March 16-18, GETEIN attended India's largest comprehensive medical exhibition (Medica Fair India) in Mumbai, with its newly launched Getein1600 fully automatic analyzer and rapid test kits for point of care.

The new product, the fully automatic machine GETEIN 1600 Immunofluorescence Analyzer shined much and became the focus of the exhibition. It attracted lots of doctors and specialists’ attention to stop by to study this new POCT celebrity. Getein1600 is a mark that we GP redefine the concept of POCT and apply it to our products to fulfil the rising demand of big hospitals and diagnostic centers.

Visitors also showed great interest in our rapid test kits, especially HbA1c and PCT, which have been widely used in India and won great acclaim from end users. We are always committed to supplying quality products and services to our clients and customers as well as developing new products to enhance the healthcare in India.

At the same time, GETEIN successfully held the ‘GETEIN 1600 FULLY AUTOMATED POCT SEMINAR’ in Mumbai. The seminar demonstrated the strong vitality of fully automatic POC device since the demand keeps rising in India. Attendees as both GP partners and medical professionals spoke highly of Getein1600 and commented that Getein1600 create the future for POC and pave the way for health improvement in India.

In virtue of this exhibition and seminar, Getein Biotech will strive for a new journey in India.  We firmly believe GP will do more and contribute more for India healthcare in 2018!

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